Explosive action on the Isle of Dogs
Saturday April 24, 1999

LONDON - After nearly one month of filming on the Thames, the Bond crew was ready to break out the explosives and set the location on fire with action and explosions that filled the London skyline.

As always, Bond fan David Williams was there armed with a video camera, and he filed the following report:

David Williams reports:
This weekend the action moved back onto the Isle of Dogs in London's Docklands. After moving back to Millwall Docks in the early afternoon, filming scenes in which the 'Q' boat tries to go under a very low bridge, the unit moved northwards to the West India Docks.

A large amount of preparation had been going on all day, for what was to be an exciting sequence. Looking around from the road bridge over the site, I knew that the public would not be allowed anywhere near the scene, so I spied a suitable site from which to film the proceedings.

After a short walk I arrived in position and got talking with The Mirror's photographer, whose offices are based in the Canary Wharf Tower which loomed over the film site. Several other photographers were around so I felt in good company.

As the tension mounted over what seemed like hours (in fact it was hours!) , an air of expectation was building. At 5:20pm the road bridge was cleared of onlookers, all safety boats were moved out of shot, the siren sounded, and the mayhem began. I'll leave the pictures to explain what happened next.

 The Cigar Girl's boat looks like it's going to light up, instead it lights up everything left in its wake.




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