Battle Stations: 007 blasts the Thames
Wednesday May 5, 1999

LONDON - After more than a week with no shooting on the Thames, the Bond crew was back with a blast on Wednesday.

The filming of the explosive pre-title sequence started in late March and the crew worked through most of April.

007 News has been keeping you up-to-date with the action thanks to David Williams who has been passing on reports and photos to Bond fans all over the world.



David Williams reports from London
Acting on a tip-off, I arrived at the Royal Victoria DLR station at 1pm and the first vehicle I saw was a fire engine. A good sign. As I approached the quay-side I was relieved to see all the 2nd unit vehicles and four 'Q' boats.

It was like seeing old friends, 9 days having passed since I last saw any filming. And then I met up with some real friends and discussed with them what they had heard about today's filming.

As the Wyvenhoe, an old Thames sailing barge, edged out into the dock, we walked through the unit area (a public right of way) and bumped into the Unit Driver, Barry. 'Watch out, the Mafia are here!' he said as he recognised us from our previous excursions.

Once the boat had been moored into position, we waited whilst the long preparations were made for the afternoon's action. After a couple of test runs, at 3:30 pm the Cigar Girl's boat, closely followed by the 'Q' boat and the chasing camera boat, set off for the explosive run. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.




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