Thursday April 22, 1999




Bond's filming on the Thames has been ongoing for more than three weeks, but Thursday's action saw Bond mix water with fire to yield an explosive combination.

None of the big stars were on hand, but the rest of the Bond crew and the various stunt doubles were there to take the heat of the explosions.

One nearby resident, Mark Bentley, told 007 NEWS earlier this week that the crew had posted notices around the area warning residents that they might hear some explosions during filming that starts at 7:30 in the morning and concludes by 6 p.m.

Bentley reported that the film crew arrived Wednesday night to set-up for Thursday's scene. By morning the area was crowded with the workers wearing Tomorrow Never Dies t-shirts --- why not TWINE? We don't know!

Commuters trying to get to a nearby train station had to walk right through the set! The Q-boat and the Cigar Girl boat were both docked. This filming location is just at the end of the runway for London City Airport.

Mark Bentley had to head to work, but we have all the action covered thanks to David Williams.

David Williams reports from London.

After a fairly quite day in Millwall Docks yesterday [Wednesday], the 2nd unit set themselves up for a noisy day in Victoria Docks. Arriving after a very heavy downpour of rain and hail, I met up with my friends Steve and Ray who informed me that I had missed some exciting scenes and a soaking from the weather. Fortunately they were setting the area up for a repeat performance so I watched as the mortars/grenade launchers on the rear of the Sunseeker were primed.

                    Mortars on Cigar Girl's boat                        Notice the flame coming out of the mortars

This is the same location where Jean Michel Jarre held his spectacular Destination Docklands concert several years ago, so I was expecting some more fireworks. As the clear skies threatened to deliver another batch of rain, the Cigar Girl's boat, closely followed by the Q boat, motored down to the east end of the dock. Sirens sounded to warn of explosions, and the two boats approached the arena.

A flash of flame and smoke from the rear of the Cigar Girl's boat was shortly followed by a bang, and a spray of water shot 50ft into the air slightly ahead of 007.

Rapidly, more reports from the Cigar Girl's boat as Wade [Bond's stunt double] jigged the Q-boat between the plumes of water. Smoke hang in the still air and then silence reigned as the boats slowed to a crawl and drew to a halt. And then it chucked it down again so I went home.

                   Explosions on the river Thames                  Click to enlarge


Apparently, no fish were harmed in the making of this film. An underwater device is used to emit a sound to frighten fish away from the area whilst the explosions are let off! Only Bond!


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