Cigar Girl shoots up the Thames
Tuesday April 20, 1999

Maria shooting on the ThamesLONDON - Filming on the Thames continued on Tuesday despite the rainy weather, and another one of the big stars was on the scene -- the Cigar Girl, Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

That didn't keep Bond fan, and the IFF's eyes and ears at the Thames filming location was there.

David Williams reports from London:
"After a very rainy morning, I was in two minds whether or not to travel to Millwall Docks to catch the filming in the afternoon.


Happily I decided to chance it and managed to capture the delightful Maria Grazia Cucinotta in action.

In between the heavy showers, they filmed Maria firing her gun at an advancing James Bond, today played by the ever reliable Wade Eastwood. In between takes, she wrapped up nice and warm and wore a very unflattering rain-hood to keep her long dark hair dry.



Later on Sarah Donohue [Maria's stuntwoman] took over as Wade [Brosnan's stunt double] performed some close passes to the Sunseeker [Cigar Girl's boat].

As the rain fell even more heavily, and the film crew headed back to base I called it an early day at 4pm and headed home, pleased that I had managed to get close-ups of the two main actors in two days."



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