Monday April 19, 1999

Pierce Brosnan

The day that Bond fans waiting on the banks of the Thames had been waiting for finally arrived on Monday when the real James Bond showed up for the action.

As always, David Williams was there keeping us up-to-date with all the action. He sent us this report and the photos.

David Williams reports from London.

Pierce BrosnanAt last the rumours were true.

Arriving at 1pm, I learnt that Pierce Brosnan was on the Festival Pier, and had been seen signing autographs earlier in the morning. 

A few minutes later, he and the film crew headed off towards Vauxhall Bridge.

A small team of us followed, and at Lambeth Bridge we saw the boats approach us on a filming run. I positioned myself half-way across the bridge and set the video running.

Pushing the little 'Q' boat for all she was worth, Pierce Brosnan came hurtling towards us, resplendent in his tuxedo, bouncing around on the wash of the Cigar-Girl's boat, with a grim determination on his face.  

           Pierce Brosnan

After passing under the bridge, the boats turned round and headed back for another run. As he approached the bridge, Pierce beamed at his army of onlookers, and gave a 'V' for victory sign!

                 Pierce Brosnan                Pierce Brosnan

Behind the wheel of the 'Q' boat, Pierce Brosnan seemed at home, as if he had been piloting the boat along the Thames these past three weeks and not his stand-in Wade Eastwood. Perhaps he has been practicing in one back home on his pool in Malibu!


After returning to Festival Pier, another couple of runs were made up to Westminster Bridge, and then the crew headed off for Tower Bridge. A frantic walk along the Thames, and we caught up with the 'Q' boat near HMS Belfast. Since there was some problem with the boat, Pierce had bought it round to our side of the river, which gave a growing throng of people a good look at the boat and Pierce. Once the problem had been solved he gunned the boat towards and under Tower Bridge. Then all the boats returned to Festival Pier, and by the time we had caught up with them, Pierce had disappeared into his trailer. Still, it was good to see him on the river, in the 'Q' boat, and obviously enjoying every minute.


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