Bond jumps into action
Friday April 16, 1999

Q-Boat runs up to Cigar Girl's boat

LONDON - Filming continued in London on Friday -- this time at Millwall Dock on the Isle of Dogs in East London.

David Williams has been keeping us updated with pictures and reports from filming, and this time he got some help from someone who knows how to photograph the action -- Vic Armstrong. He had five cameras of his own to watch so he couldn't direct David's as well, but he did tell him where to get the best shots.

The first sequence being filmed on Friday involved two two police launches nearing a low bridge over the dock. The take was not without it's injuries though. Some extras who took their position near the bank were drenched when the boats turned to avoid the closed bridge. Among them, Patricia O'Reilly, EON's publicity assistant! (Pictured below on the left)

Pat O'Reilly gets drenched!

But there was a huge stunt being filmed as well.

              Gary Powell drives the Q-boat               Q-boat runs up to Cigar Girl's boat...

Wade Eastman turned over control of the Q boat to stuntman Gary Powell who took several hours to prepare for the jump.

The jump involves the Q boat, driven by Bond, chasing another boat, driven by the Cigar Girl. As she fires her gun at him, Bond decides to take her, and the gun, out of action.

Later in the afternoon, the weather was responsible for people being drenched, but the crew did manage one more stunt before heading back to base.

 Q-Boat lands after the stunt!


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