Bond chopper hovers over Thames to catch the action
Thursday April 15, 1999

Big Bond chopper

LONDON - Filming continued on the Thames Thursday but this time the crew traded in their mini-chopper for a full-sized helicopter with a camera mounted on the side to catch the action.

David Williams was there and he sent us a report and, as always, photos of the action. Here is today's report and photographs.

            Big Bond chopper at Tower Bridge          Big Bond chopper at Tower Bridge

"Arriving at Tower Bridge at 9am and finding no signs of the film crew, I met up with fellow Bond enthusiast Steve Woodbridge. After an hours wait, thinking that the crew may have decided to film elsewhere, the full size heli-cam arrived above Tower Bridge. It practiced a few sweeps along the river, and then disappeared towards Festival Pier. No film production boats were visible, so after half an hour we headed off to the crew's base at Festival Pier," David said.

But today's action didn't require disrupting the traffic flow of one of London's busiest bridges across the Thames. "The Heli-cam was east of the bridge, filming through the towers, and hovering very low over the water. No extras were used, nor did the bridge need to be closed for this day's filming. All the boats then sped upstream, back to base," David said.

David reports to us that the weather was dry and sunny all day -- better conditions than some of the filming has taken place under.


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