Bond crew uses tiny chopper for filming
Wednesday April 14, 1999

Tiny helicopter on the front of the boat.

LONDON - Filming continued on the Thames Wednesday and one of the city's most famous landmarks had to close while the Bond crew took over.

Thanks to Bond fan David Williams, 007 NEWS can show you what happened.

David tells us that the crew used a tiny helicopter to fly through Tower Bridge so they could film Bond chasing the Cigar Girl on the Thames.

Bond crew chopper flies by Tower Bridge

David says, "The bridge was closed to all traffic, EON extras, including some cars and a big red London Double Decker Bus, were lined up on both approaches to the central section of the bridge. It was quite surreal, standing on the bridge, with no sounds of people or traffic, the boats approaching from London Bridge, and then the director shouting to all the extras to start crossing the bridge."

"The bus and the cars crossed, the Cigar Girl's boat went under the bridge, closely followed by the 'Q' boat and then the helicopter," David said.

        Bond crew chopper                     Bond crew chopper

That helicopter is nothing like you've seen flying near you. It appears to be a specially designed miniature chopper that contains a camera for filming the scene -- something that Q's labs could have dreamed up.

The tiny chopper made two passes of the scene with the boats passing underneath and then the crew shot some more film of the bridge without the extras going across the boats underneath.

David says the crew will use a normal sized helicopter on Thursday.


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