Bond blasts his way down the Thames

Monday April 12, 1999

LONDON - When James Bond drives down the Thames, you'd better take cover because the damage could be spread from bank to bank.

That seemed to be the case during filming Monday and Tuesday and Bond fan David Williams caught some of the action on his video camera.

The images he sent us are below. The first image shows part of the floating building fully intact before Bond comes floating (ok, speeding) by.

The second image shows what it's like after Bond leaves the area in his wake. Then we've got some shots of the man directing the action and the man playing Bond.

Before                                                      After
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Vic Armstrong
Armstrong, the second unit director, is responsible for directing most of the action sequences when Pierce Brosnan or the other principal stars aren't required to be on location. He directed the exciting ski chase in the Alps earlier this year.

Vic Armstrong

Playing Bond
Have you ever wanted to be James Bond for the day? Well, you don't have to be Pierce Brosnan, you can just be a stunt speedboat driver if you've got the guts. One man who obviously has the stomach for some hair-raising stunts is Wade Eastwood. He's been driving the Q boat on the Thames during the filming.

Wade Eastman

David Williams reports that the crew seems to be in good spirits despite the dismal weather. Now, some more die-hard Bond fans are showing up for filming. The second unit's assistant director has been keeping the fans out of the view of the cameras, but still allowing the fans to watch the action.



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