Bond begins filming on the Thames
 Tuesday March 31, 1999

LONDON - Bond is back and filming in the open for all of London to see. Pierce Brosnan hasn't made an appearance yet, but Q's special boat driven by a stuntman has already made a splash.

The second unit is currently filming part of an explosive opening sequence for the Bond movie. And thanks to David Williams, we can show you some of the action.


According to many reports, and skip to the next paragraph if you don't want to know too much, Bond will race down the Thames chasing a beautiful woman -- known as Cigar Girl in some scripts. She's played by Maria Grazia Cucinotta, an Italian actress. Bond reportedly finds himself aloft a hot air balloon and uses London's billion-dollar Millennium Dome as a cushion for his fall.

According to a BBC report, some of the more complicated scenes are being filmed at Pinewood Studios where part of the Millennium Dome's roof has been made on set.

The huge chase sequence down the Thames is supposed to be a very expensive sequence. According to other reports published in the British press, the sequence will take almost a month to shoot and cost millions to make.

The star of the scene is a boat made in America just for Bond. While the special effects experts at Pinewood have given the boats their showy exterior, the boat is not that different from those made by Bentz Boats based in Idaho. They sent 15 to England after EON said they wanted them on board.


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